What is Bluegrass Beat?

This is an regular newsletter on government, elections and more broadly power in Louisville and the state of the Kentucky. I (Perry) am a longtime politics journalist, who grew up in Louisville, spent some time in Washington, D.C. and am now back in Louisville. There is plenty of great journalism being done in Louisville and Kentucky. But 1. local and state-based outlets are increasingly facing cuts, so the idea is to offer more information and journalism at a time when people really need it. 2. often things happening locally are shaped by national trends and vice-versa, so I’m hoping some of my knowledge of both spheres helps me make some useful connections. The idea is for the journalism here to use lots of different tools, including data analysis, original reporting, history, political science, other social science. Finally, the best ideas often come from readers. I”m really hopeful that if you have a burning question you e-mail me (perrylbacon@gmail.com). That might inspire a story. You can also reach me there if you want to suggest a story or have some tip that might be useful.

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